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Grateful Heartist Studio

Art for evolving souls


Welcome to a realm where
Art, Spirit and Science collide.


The study of how our brain reacts to art and beauty, as a healing modality.

The idea is to purposefully use art to stimulate our brains and emotional responses, the paths in the brain that are stimulated, receive increased blood and oxygen thus prompting that part of the human brain to heal.  The effects are seen in a wider range of the body than just the brain, triggering specific emotions also releases specific chemicals and hormones, and everything is effected by those.

Think of art as a key.  Each piece of art unlocks a different reaction, or part of your brain.   With deliberate activation, you can process the emotional responses with deliberate attention rather than a knee jerk reaction when they surface.

"Art for evolving souls"


By using art as a deliberate conditioning tool, you can unlock mindsets beyond the reactionary ones.  One of my customers was nearing the end of her degree program, the stress was high, the finals loomed near.  She was finding herself in a state of anxiety constantly.  When she saw this piece: Diamonds form Under Pressure, she was drawn to the crumbling world, the sheer weight.  She was feeling this weight.  She then turns 

to me with tears in her eyes and says "I am the Diamond". She went on to purchase this piece and keep it where she would see it every single day on her way to school.  She reported that seeing it daily reminded her when anxiety would build that "She is the Diamond" and would breath deeper and feel calm and confident.  Her commute to school each day became a deliberate meditation on how she is becoming stronger because of all the pressure she is feeling and managing.   She reported being able to handle her stress load with success through graduation.

"The brain's ability to change and adapt in response to experience or trauma. Neuroplasticity gives us the opportunity to rewire our brains, allowing us to make new choices, heal from depression, anxiety, alcoholism, and drug addiction, and even numbing pain."

My favorite story to date, happened in 2021.

The power of art boggles even me at times and this was just one of those times.  I was in my art booth, sharing my art on a bright sunny day.  A young boy of about 7 came in, he was drawn to this piece: Eye of the Creator.  

I kneeled down next to him and we start having a conversation.  He asks me about the feather and the balloons.  Says he likes the blues. I didn't think anything of it until I turned around and saw his mother crying profusely.  She later explained that her

son was high functioning, non verbal child that has never spoken a word outside of the home.  Art was somehow able to connect with this child in such a way that made him feel comfortable with a person and setting outside of his safety zone, to speak with.  My hopes is that art can become a way to trigger more interaction in public spaces.  


Here is the reason for my work, to provide art that helps create nuero-stimulation with hopes of fostering introspection, growth, self empowerment, community and evolution of self.  Art for Evolving Souls.

Indulge your curiosity, embrace your shadow self, love your scars, see how amazing you truly are, evolve beyond yesterday.

© 2024 Saffrel Kochon.

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