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Art for Evolving Souls

Yoruba goddess:

Inspired by the Yoruba Goddess: Yamaya, known as the mother of all, a guiding and nurturing essence. Allow Yemaya to evoke a sense of well-being and love, balanced by force and introspection.  Connect with the divinity within.

At the center of this piece the three sets of hands, each delicately balanced with purpose and symbolism.  The lower set of hands represents Yemaya's role as a provider of abundance and sustenance, with one hand caressing the clouds to encourage rain while the other hand in a mirrored motion of crushing. The top pair of hands balancing the role of giver and taker, giving an offering with one hand and receiving a gift from the other. The middle hands represents the importance of sacredness in life and the connection between humanity and the diving. Cradled in these arms are two coy fish, their tails spreading out like rivers, a homage to Yemaya's affiliation with all bodies of water.

Upon her had is a magnificent headdress adorned with bones and butterflies, abundance and death symbolizing the cycles of life and the transformation that it brings.


Yemaya is revered as the guide and protector of her people, bringing the qualities of nurturing compassion  and strength of force. Yemaya invites you to close your eyes and find your inner divine spark, find the balance between human and spirit, to bring an awareness of gentle force and wise introspection.

Yemaya Merchandise

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Of Yemaya

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