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Words of Winter


Words are energy and cast spells.  That's why they call it spelling.  What words mean holiday for you?  Is it FAMILY? Having kith and kin gathered close.  Maybe TINSEL throws you back into the memory of your grandparents tree dripping with silver and gold tinsel, on the carpet, in your hair and around every gift. 


This seasonal art wraps up 28 iconic words of the season.  Pour a cup of tea, nestle in and remember what they mean to you. 

Artist Notes

This one is a delight to color.  If you haven't tried clicking on the coloring page link, do it! Its free.  With each square I enjoyed coloring and then shading as I pondered the words.  My favorite words on here? Lets see... COOKIES because it was fun to draw up and genuinely like cookies, no I have no favorite, I am an equal opportunity cookie lover.  GIVING, because it is in my nature.  I truly enjoy the time of year where people try to take a break and see compassion for others around them. It's the time of year where we nod, smile and yield to those around us. And finally: BOOKS, because in a past life I'm sure I was a dragon with a book vault.


©2024 Saffrel Kochon.

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