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Saffrel Kochon

Artist, Owner, Daydreamer


Welcome to my world of colorful dreams an evolving concepts of self.

I picked up my first Copic alcohol marker in 2006, it was a red... a very bright red, R29 Lipstick Red.  Which is absolutely funny, since I'm addicted to blues and greens.  I quickly fell in LOVE with the way the ink smoothly pours onto the paper creating vibrant colors that I had only seen in paint.  I quickly became fixated on collecting colors, and thus began my 15 year adventure with collecting and creating with Copic Alcohol Inks.  I love them so much, I've taken every certification class offered through Copic, and read their catalog of new releases for fun. 

Now I will admit, I've been drawing since I was a small child.  I'll share a memory with you...  It was the first day of Kindergarten (age 5), we were told to "draw a picture of yourself"  I remember drawing a full figure with a little piggy nose, my little red and white pok-a-dot dress.  For fun at 7, I taught myself to draw with both hands, a practice I've let lax in my adulthood.  So its safe to say, I've had some type of drawing device in hand for a very long time.

Its not all coloring for me.  In my lifetime I've performed at Carnegie Hall in New York City (I play an English flute).   I've placed 3rd in the Nation for food evaluation (specifically dairy products).  I've traveled to Ecuador to hammock camp in the Amazon Rain Forest with the lovely people of the Shuar Tribe, where I was allowed to participate in sacred ceremonies.  I've marched in the Rose Bowl, and Apple Cup (think: football marching band).  I've worked for the Experience Music Project in Seattle.  I've driven across the United States.  I'm also a published poet. 


I love adventures, and have wish-lists.  I would love to visit Australia on an art venture, to draw and study the animals, landscape, culture and colors of this country.  The same also goes for a lot of the northern European countries - Ireland, Norway, Sweden and Finland.

I was born in Washington State.  In a cute little town where the ocean meets the mountains: Port Angeles.  In my lifetime I've moved extensively through my state, north, south, east, and west.  I have grown to love the nomadic lifestyle, with new inputs and new sights and experiences.  I am also a textbook Gemini, if you follow zodiac characteristics.  I tend to be a serious, gentle soul.  I would prefer to greet you with a smile and a hug.  I enjoy encouraging young artists, and sharing my trials and errors.

My goal is to draw what my heart sees.  To connect folks with a more spiritual side of life.  Through my art I hope to help others explore concepts, tackle inner dialogs, and allow for a pathway between our realm and the creative river of the cosmos.  I am human and bring my human self to my studio, some pieces will be serious, others will be whimsical while others will be political or pretty (or a combination of all the above).  I hope to constantly challenge myself and to avoid falling into a pattern simply because I know that pattern will sell. 

I also bring my personal standards to my business (Grateful Heartist), being a self proclaimed Tree Hugger, I strive to be an environmentally aware as I can.  I will reuse my scraps until it is time to recycle them.  My prints are from a local company that uses environmentally friendly inks and does not pollute into the rivers.  When you order from me, you will not get sparkly special packaging fluff, you will get eco-friendly, reused packaging and stuffings.  And yes I actively hug trees and talk to the plants.

I am glad you found my site, and have read this far.  Thank you dear friends.  Please reach out if you have any questions for me.  I hope you have a grateful day!


Gratefully Yours,



Chris Kochon

Booth sitter, parking spot finder, excellent hugger

Chris is the superhero behind the workings of Grateful Heartist.  He was the first to encourage the artist to fly and was there through every step of creation, exhaustion, exaltation and melt down.  A solid rock of sanity and love.

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