Saffrel Kochon

Artist, Owner, Daydreamer


Welcome to my world of colorful dreams and mindful interpretations. I invite you to explore the creative pathways from your childhood and the direct connection to your higher self through my art and the visual stories I tell.

Copic Markers are my art medium. I have been using them for about 14 years. My style is the creative mix of forms and color that I've adopted as my own. Among many labels I can apply to my art you may find: psychedelic, intuitive, abstract, surreal, and above all playful.

​I am fascinated with metaphysical topics of soul evolution, death, spirit guides and how they relate to our digital culture.  I invite you to enjoy an adventure in this colorful world.

  Gratefully Yours,



Chris Kochon

Booth sitter, parking spot finder, excellent hugger

Chris is the superhero behind the workings of Grateful Heartist.  He was the first to encourage the artist to fly and was there through every step of creation, exhaustion, exaltation and melt down.  A solid rock of sanity and love.

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