Feb 2

Why 'Love' during February?


Edited: Feb 2

So listing such a generic theme during one of the most cliche months for it, is... is what exactly? Over done? Over hyped? That sentiment right there, I've heard so many people groan and then roll their eyes when 'February' is spoken in the terms of 'Love'.

That is exactly the reason why I chose 'Love'! Love is amazing, love inspires, it creates, it births, it dies, it changes.... it is everything.

In a season where "love" is glossed over with Valentine Day chocolates, expensive dinners and the creation of more Scorpios in the world, I challenge you to look deeper. I challenge you to look PAST the red and pink hearts, the flowers and chocolates, re-find what Love means to you! Could it be a smile? a note left on the table? a hand held in yours, a purring kitten on a cold February day? Maybe its a warm sleeping dog by your side?


My goal is to inspire you to smile when you find what warms your heart. Snap a picture, and help inspire me!


If I chose your image, I will draw up a piece and you will receive it as a 3" sticker.


p.s. I've been using the sticker contest as a way to keep new creative juices going, I am grateful for the opportunity to create for you!


Gratefully yours!

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