Nov 23, 2018

A submission for Nov.

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Some how the photo loaded wrong. Sorry. Oops. Fall cleaning of the windowsill. I found these. Little baubles on a dark, wet day.


Yes, fall does mean the final cleaning before we all hunker in from the cold. Sometimes a great opportunity to reflect on the year as you slowly close the door on seasons past. Thank you for posting!

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  • OK! So this month is escaping faster than a 2 year old running with candy. The winner has been decided upon and the drawing has begun, I hope to get the image out to the printer tomorrow. So stay tuned for tomorrow as I will post the winner and the drawing of the winner's piece!!!!
  • I'm saving this sugar pumpkin for a family pie party. Everyone demands my pumpkin pie. It looks pretty cozy on the deck even though its a bit cold outside !
  • This is my neglected Hammock under our cherry and apple trees. He needs to be put away for the season, but I couldn't quite get the knots undone to take him down. :)
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