Nov 11, 2018

Fall leaf fairy


These beautiful fall colored leaves look somewhat like a fairy to me.


Nov 14, 2018

How beautiful! I love the vibrant fall colors that vibrate across the landscape this time of year! Thank you for submitting this.

Dec 18, 2018

Congratulations! Your submission was chosen for the November sticker challenge. I'll get the sticker in the mail as soon as it comes in from the printer.

New Posts
  • OK! So this month is escaping faster than a 2 year old running with candy. The winner has been decided upon and the drawing has begun, I hope to get the image out to the printer tomorrow. So stay tuned for tomorrow as I will post the winner and the drawing of the winner's piece!!!!
  • I'm saving this sugar pumpkin for a family pie party. Everyone demands my pumpkin pie. It looks pretty cozy on the deck even though its a bit cold outside !
  • This is my neglected Hammock under our cherry and apple trees. He needs to be put away for the season, but I couldn't quite get the knots undone to take him down. :)
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