Nov 5

Seek the Light


Come travel down the frosted path of Wintertide with me. The dawn comes late to our seeking eyes as dusk catches us unaware. As the darkness gains a foothold, seek the light to guide your way.

Lamps and other forms of light are beacons of safety, warmth, food, fellowship, meditation and guidance during this time of year. Find a light source that speaks to you, share it in the November 2019 forum. From the image, a sticker may come. If that happens; the one who shared it will receive a free sticker.


Please be familiar with the guidelines to this competition as listed here.

The deadline will be November 30th, 2019

That has a very dream like surreal feel, like a memory standing still. Thank you for submitting this.

Oh! that is drop dead gorgeous. Thank you for submitting it.

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