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Art for Evolving Souls

Zodiac: Aquarius

The Aquarius soul emerges as a remarkable uplifter and harbinger of ideas.  Much like the water bearer of ancient tales, the Aquarius mind extends its reach into the vast expanse of the universe, collecting ideas akin to gathering water from celestial realms.  These ideas then cascade like rain upon the rest of humanity.  They stand as the custodians of knowledge and vision, cultivating fertile grounds for growth and evolution.  Within their essence resides the power to ignite transformation and spark the fires of progress.

Artist Note: If I ever have a problem that I cannot solve, when I cannot see a solution, I seek my Aquarius friends. Time after time, they are able to take the problem like a Rubik's cube, twist it and see another solution.

Glow up
Close up
Sketch up

Zodiac: Aquarius

Artist Signed

"Love this!"


"Love that rain coming down!"

"Love the magical feeling you captured in this!!"

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