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Art for Evolving Souls

Kali's Step

Kali's Step captures a chaotic moment of growth, albeit hard to perceive in the present moment of "all hell breaking loose." Expectations are shattered, life as you know it seems to be crumbling, Kali's step has descended upon your life. It is within these moments that growth is sparked.  As life crumbles around us, we are sent deep into the darkness where self realization and self-discovery allows us to unravel and see our true nature. Within this dark time we begin to see ourselves as capable, powerful, able to seek new solutions and new answers to problems that caused our world to crumble.  By venturing outside the boundaries of our comfort zone, we can find the resilience to create a way out and shape our own destiny.

If life is good all the time, sunshine and rainbows; we have very little reason to expand ourselves and grow as evolving souls. While we may rue our time spent in turmoil, if seen in a different light, our trials and tribulations are what cause us to grow. These times show us truly what we can handle without breaking, and if we break then we are taught that we can be put back together.  The roots cascading down, is our need to rediscover who and what we are, the eyes are our awakening and seeing how strong we truly are. The little specks of flying/scattering space pods represent our ability to seek new solutions when our world is falling apart. I personally have found this piece to be a guide to me through 2023, as my entire year has fallen apart and I find myself in the darkness questioning my purpose, my plans, my life and my stability. Art is not going to invade your space, instead it allows room for you to wander through your inner self. Kali's step invites you to admit that life may not be holding together very well, but you are powerful and persistent, and will over come and even come back better than before.

Deeper Dive:

Glow up
Initial Inking

Zodiac: Aquarius

Artist Signed

"Oh, this hits home for me."

"I feel like this is my life in art."

"I love how this turned out!"

"Wow I need this!"

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