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Art for Evolving Souls

Optimists Have Options

Does this mean that as long as one is an optimist, one is happy and always looking on the bright side? Not necessarily.  It is actually a trust, a trust in yourself.  It is a trust that you are capable and able to handle and exhibit resilience in the face of obstacles.  It is a trust that unknowns will become knowns, and challenges will becomes lessons.  Optimism is not a passive act, it is an active choice one takes.  

- That is optimistic to me.

Deeper Dive:

The sign reads: Optimists – for those to seek solutions when others turn back, hopeful eyes cast out over the vista searching for answers and paths of adaptations.


The sign continues: Have – because we have more than we realize; when we can release limiting beliefs.


The final sign reads: Options (with arrows in both directions-no limitations).  If you seek solutions rather than submit to defeat, solutions will appear.  It’s the rewriting of the brain, the thought process from “I can’t” to “I can”.


Release Limiting Beliefs


Optimists have Options

Artist Signed

These are printed, approved, signed and shipped by the artist.  If you are looking for flat prints please shop here first.

Coloring Page

"I need this as a reminder right now, thank you!"

"I need this in my life."

"Wow, yes."

"I see this every morning before work, it helps me set my mindset."

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