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Art for Evolving Souls

Diable Dam

Introducing 'Diablo Dam,' a tribute to the hidden wonders of Washington state's Highway 20. Far to the north, this winding path unveils undisturbed beauty, leading travelers to remote realms of awe-inspiring sights. Highway 20 stands as the gateway to wonder and majesty.

Nestled along this scenic route lies Diablo Lake, an often misunderstood gem of nature. Follow the path to Diablo Dam, and you'll step into the splendors of a bygone era. A beautiful stone path stretches across the dam, adorned with lantern posts standing sentinel, guiding travelers to the wonders that lie beyond.

Gaze out from Diablo Dam, and all of Washington seems to open before you. It's a vista that captures the essence of the state's untamed beauty, inviting contemplation and a sense of profound connection with the landscape.

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