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Grateful Heartist Studio

Art for evolving souls



Transformation captures the relentless passage of time—the fiery day yielding to the quiet embrace of night in an endless cycle. Within this transition, the once vibrant sky surrenders to the earth’s darkness. 

Two trees, side by side: one teeming with life, its branches reaching for the heavens; the other, stripped bare, releases energy orbs swirling into an eternal evolution. This piece is a testament to transition, both in the tangible and intangible realms—a reminder that energy perseveres, never truly extinguished, but rather ceaselessly evolving.


Artist Notes

In memory of a cherished friend’s beloved wife lost in 2022, I crafted an art piece portraying life’s complexity through the colors of her favorite place: the arid and beautiful Arizona.  Symbolized by intertwined trees, representing him and his wife, where one has journeyed ahead and the other stays behind.  


 Our legacy endures, evolving beyond our presence.  Despite the ache of loss, it illuminates the profound beauty within life’s transitions, demonstrating its continuity and unending transformation. 


©2024 Saffrel Kochon.

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