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Art for Evolving Souls

Shadow Work

In a turbulent year of self-exploration, 'Shadow Work' embodies resilience, urging us to confront uncertainty and delve into our depths.  It challenges us to break free from constraints, facing thorns as lessons. Within the chaos, we find clarity, revealing inner strength.  Each thorn removed brings solidity and purpose.  'Shadow Work' symbolizes transformation, where shedding beliefs reveals clarity. Through adversity, we persist, knowing each challenge brings us closer to liberation.

Deep Dive:

I've been struggling, feeling the ground shift under my feet in precarious ways. My sense of stability is shattered, but I know that what I was can no longer be, and what I am is a mystery. The thorns have pierced and scraped me, but I cannot give up. If I continue to ignore the thorns, I will continue to blunder into their patches.  If I face the thorns, then I can walk around them or over them. Shadow work is not easy, not easy at all. But when things are not going right, I find that reevaluating the sense through which I look, helps me to clarify the situation. So as the ground shakes beneath me, I continue to pull myself out of the entanglement, with knowledge that someday I will step free.

Close up
Hand Drawing
Digital Sketch

Summer Celebrations

Artist Signed

"I'm curious to go deeper."

"I resonate with this piece."

"Seems dark....
But I like it!!"

"I love all your art, but this is my favorite."

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