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Grateful Heartist Studio

Art by Saffrel

Kali's Step

Kali’s Step captures a transformative moment of growth, albeit hard to perceive in the present.  As expectations are shattered, Kali’s foot descends upon the scene.  

It is within these chaotic moments that growth is sparked.  We find ourselves compelled to anchor our roots deep into the soil of self-discovery, unraveling the depths of our true nature.  Within this realization we begin to seek new solutions and new answers. By venturing outside the boundaries of the comfort zone, we can find the resilience to create a way out and shape our own destiny.


Artist Notes

This is one of those amazing pieces that wait on the sideline until the moment appears and sudden it makes so much sense.  2023 was a year that saw a lot of change in my life.  Kali's Step started catching my eye more often, as my life became more unraveled.  There were many days in my booth at an event, where I was not feeling stable and solid, I would stare at this piece and ponder the growth that happens when everything breaks loose.  I resonate with the eyes on the bottom, as I spent my time in the dark chasms of doubt and uncertainty, I began to see myself in a new way.  Where before I saw a flighty creature, I now see an adaptable perseverance.  Where before I saw a need for outside validation, I now validate myself.  Time and time again when life tested me, when I thought there was no way out, I learned that as long as I searched for it, I could find a way out.  The ladders in the art piece are just that, when we learn to be our own champions.  

I've taken Kali's Step as my flag this past year, and when things really had me dark, I would look forward to the growth, and find my way. 

We don't grow in our comfort zone, you got this.
  ~Saffrel <3

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