Infinity, a boundless cycle of karma.


A quiet dark crevasse, the lowest of low. We are hardened by the core fires.  Nebulously floating, riding the currents to lofty new heights.  Growth and self-evolution within the dense undergrowth, nurturing our soul. We form and reform, trickling light into the deepest recess of our soul. 


We begin our cycle again.  Above as below, out as within, we are the cycle, the cycle is us.


This is an original Copic marker art piece. This piece is unmatted, ready for a custom frame and matte combination of your choice. 


As always, printed in the Giclee style with archival inks and paper!


The original ingredients were as follows:

Copic Marker, Prismacolor Pencil, Gelly Roll, sumi ink



  • The paper is archival as are the inks.  Keep out of direction sunlight and moistusre.  UV protective glass is recommended.

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