Yemahay is a beautiful strong goddess, said to be the first to walk upon the earth.  Where she stepping, rivers would spring forth.  She taught the balance of giving and taking, for as one hand gives, one hand takes while one hand crushes the other hand gently presses.  She set the northern star into the sky, let loose the spark of life into the world.   The portrayal of 3 sets of arms, is completely imaginary within the artist's mind, traditionally she was seen as a typical human female.


Available for purchase:

Original, this is the one and only, fresh from the studio to you, original art.  The art piece is unmatted, and sold naked, waiting for you to find the perfect combination of matte and frame.  UV protective glass is highly recommended, for the prolonged enjoyment of this piece.


Giclee Print:

The enhanced matte paper is a flat matte (no gloss) with highly saturated color and true shadows and depth.  Even the artist has a hard time telling the difference between the original and the giclee print!

11x14" image with border: 12x15"

8x10" image with border: 9x11"



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