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Grateful Heartist Studio

Art for evolving souls

Winter Wonderland


Child-like, bliss filled, joyful eyes when the snow descends to create a Winter Wonderland where the day before there was only normal. Reawaken that child wonder in your heart this season with Winter Wonderland.

Artist Notes


When I close my eyes and ask my heart what winter is to me, it is very much the snow.  The snow blankets the world, it makes the old, new again. It steals the breath in a white cloud, nips the nose and makes the day fresh, beautiful and full of diamonds.


The lights twinkle and become little flames of celebration in the dark.  They whirl and dance, and the whole world becomes play.  The ferris wheel snowflake is play, it is wonder, it is child-like whimsy brought to life.

Untitled_Artwork 2.jpg

©2024 Saffrel Kochon.

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